YT and SC playing issues 1.3v

Hello wherever you are Bunjee

First greet you and the team for the great work you did to run this great piece of software, its amazing…
For me some time using it and everything runned smooth until two days ago when the results from Youtube and Soundcloud can`t be played(after a 2-3 seconds load try) however the searches are functional anyway, not know the issue (maybe API -HSTS?).

So decided to freshly install it second time but still same matter appears on ,can you take a look and suggest some tips for make it rolling again…

P.D.(weblinks for download it on windows take to the 1.0 version unless the .zip that gives the 1.3 version.magnifique!)*

Well, the issue was in windows 7 x64 ,tonight install it in another machine w/ windows 10 x64 and runs smooth ,but the issue still on first machine win7 x64 .is someone aware of what is happend on the w7 that blocks yt and sc play even after reinstall and registry clean-up…

Hello @jahhnaga,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I’m in the process of pushing MotionBox 1.4.0 in the next few days.
It comes with Qt 5 and VLC 3.0 so it might run better on your side.

I’ll keep you posted about it.

This is actually the version of the installer but it pulls the 1.3.0 from the server. And it allows MotionBox to be updated from the application.

Good to know!
Expecting the new release to even improve this 1.3.- version, lets see if this issues with yt ans sc are overcome ,anyway it seems that none reported this matter in the forum so I`ve little concern if it happen just for me (btw yt&sc are blocked yet on win7 here, it colud be API / HSTS???)

MotionBox 1.4.0 is live. It should fix your issues.

Keep in mind that it’s the first release on Qt 5 and VLC 3.0, so we can expect a few glitches.
Feel free to report them here or on GitHub.

Very few people are actually posting on this forum.

Its a pitty bcuz forum feels more dynamic and friendly, have a nice summer.

Tried 1.4.0 Alpha and the playing issues still blocks YT in the other hand SC its running again , some idea what cause the YT play block

Glad 1.4.0 actually runs on your side. Could you provide a Youtube links that does not work ?

hello again Bunjee!
As far as I tried none video runs from YT the searches loads very quick trough Duckduckgo but no channels used to follow ,news, music or documentary none connect, (Asked before about HSTS bcuz using many browsers in station Chrome even Chrome Canary have lately , same issue that not allow connection with many websites (google, addons,yt…) due to HSTS and certificates, because are older than 3 months and can`t reload for renew them, maybe there its the issue also with 1.3 and 1.4 if they used the same motor and/certificates , probably it will be an important matter for many users in next weeks…

Greetings @jahhnaga,

I cannot reproduce the problem on my side, what part of the world are you living in ?

Well that`s an state of mind but geographically in Sierra Nevada Granada, and it could be a matter referred with windows DCOMCNFG and upon it “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/Ole” keys that maybe must be imported from another server/PC to make it valid/operational once again ,I will try to get it import/renew and inform you if it was the glitch in this case

Yeah, could you try MotionBox on another computer with another Windows install.