Watched Video Tag

Just wondering if there is a setting somewhere that changes the color of the font or something for videos that have been played/watched already?? If not it would be nice to have something like that IMO. Anyway, Thanks bunjee, MotionBox is working well but some youtube videos won’t play. They play when I try them in the browser though. No big deal. I just find one that will play and forget about it.


So far I have no plans for adding a “played / watched” feature. I have to think about it.

Regarding Youtube, could you provide me with a few video links that won’t work. I can investigate when I have the occasion.

Hello Bunjee,
Yeah it seems that more and more feeds that I have have the issue of not playing when clicked. Some feeds more than others, and also some feeds there are many many that won’t play, but some do, and other feeds their is just a few that won’t play for some reason. Seems kind of random but what would I know?? Wish I could be more helpful.


Are you actually using the latest version ?

Hello Bunjee,

I am using version MotionBox-1.5.0-linux64.tar.gz Is there newer?? This one you fixed from before that wouldn’t play any videos at all.


You might wanna try redownloading it, I did a minor revision that fixes Youtube decoding.

Ok Bunjee, Thanks a bunch!! Will do!!

Hello Bunjee,

I think I found where the problem lies with videos not playing. Some videos won’t play when I have it set on 240p . I usually have it on 240p because I am on limited bandwidth or I just turn it to audio if I’m busy doing something and just want to listen. The other quality settings work on the same video so I guess it’s the 240p setting???.
Just thought I would let you know.


Thanks for letting me know @Singtoh,

Maybe I’ll investigate that behavior at some point in the future.