Sound Issues

Well I just thought I’d give a heads up here. When starting a video/audio the volume level increases drastically and is very very distorted and garbled. I immediately lower the volume but the sound is still garbled. I then exit the program and start it again and it works ok until the next video/audio.

I don’t know but I will assume that is is ffmpg or vlc both?? I am using MotionBox 1.5 which requires VLC 3> and of course on Ubuntu 16.04 I have to use a ppa for VLC 3 which brings in ffmpg4 among a whole bunch of other stuff. This started happening just today after only a couple of days of MotionBox installation??

So, I’ll keep MotionBox installed because I really like it but I will just have to close and open the program all the time.

Should I downgrade to a version that doesn’t require VLC(unstable) and ffmpg4(who knows)??? And if so can you please point me to a deb file of MotionBox 1.4 or other?? I don’t want to build anything, my internet here is SHITE!!

Edit: I took the system back to the day I installed MotionBox and all is working well now. Nary a clue what happened but time will tell, fingers crossed!!

Cheers & Thanks Bunjee

Hi @Singtoh, this might be due to the following:

static const int VLCPLAYER_NETWORK_CACHE = 300;


The network cache might be a bit tool low.

Let me know if it happens again.

Ok bunjee I will let you know. So far so good with fingers crossed. It was really unusable as it was with the sound playing up like it did, so I am happy I don’t have to uninstall MotionBox at this time. Great bit of kit this MotionBox is. Love it!!!

Thanks Bunjee