Some YouTube video won't start (1.4.0)

Hi @bunjee and everybody else!

There is a rare issue which is affecting both the Linux and the Windows version: some YouTube video don’t start at all. For example this one:

I tried to figure out why, but I couldn’t find any reason yet what can be the problem. I hope you have some idea.

Thanks for the great work and the help,

Greetings @GPL,

Could you give 1.4.0-6 a spin:
It should fix the Youtube implementation.

It is working now, thank you! :slight_smile:

I can confirm it too, works fine on Debian testing.

Speaking of the Linux version have you noticed anything regarding gui / video rendering.
I’ve recently switched to OpenGL ES and I’m not sure it’s the best move regarding performances.

The GUI and the video playback both very smooth, so I think it’s OK.
On my machine If I play one video and don’t do anything else, it uses ~9% CPU and ~250 MB RAM. If I make some user interaction when a video is playing, then the CPU usage value changes to ~15%. So I think the current version has quite good performance.

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Hi @bunjee!
This issue emerged again for me, but now a huge amount of YouTube won’t start with the latest version (e.g. including the video from the first post) for weeks now.
Also there is a problem If I copy YouTube video url into MotionBox, the program don’t show its title, only saying “Youtube track”. I can bypass this issue If I search the title of the video on YouTube from the builtin search box.
I tried to corner both issues, but no luck for now.

A saw that 1.6.0 released and it looks like solving both problems. :slight_smile:

Greetings @GPL, that’s good news, I keep on iterating to make things better.

Unfortunately I cannot test the linux version extensively. Don’t hesitate to report an issue on here or GitHub.

Hi @bunjee

Excellent work on Motionbox. Love it so far!

I’m having trouble getting a few Youtube videos to start. I think someone told me it was a VLC error with youtube.lua?

Currently running MotionBox 1.6.0-3


Yeah It’s actually using VBML -> Video Backend Markup Language.

It looks like this:

Could you provide a video that doesn’t play ?