Playlists more than 100 videos long don't display in full

The title mostly says it all. Trying to access a playlist with more than 100 videos leads to only the first 100 videos being shown. Here’s the playlist I discovered this with, if you need something to test on:

Greetings @pixlark,

Yes that’s a known restriction of the current Youtube implementation, I would very much like to fix that in the future, at least for playlists (since they are already limited to 200 in YT anyway)

Hi, I have a similar issue to the original poster in that I don’t appear to be able to have more than 30 videos in a list of videos from a channel. What appears to happen is that I can only view 30 entries and when a new video is uploaded the last one drops off the listing. I’m sure this didn’t used to be the case so maybe I’ve done something stupid on reinstall due to a distro change. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your efforts to produce a splendid program, it’s much appreciated.


Hi @daveA and thank you for your feedback.

The currently implementations only loads the latest batch of videos from a channel. A few people have requested to load more and I might look into this in the near future.

A related issue is opened here: