Playback speed/Playrate button?

Hi all,
This is my first run on MotionBox and I really love it so far. The manœuvrability is incredible and the app feels very fast and fluid.

Is there any chance there will ever be an update with VLC’s playback speed implemented ? I feel like it’s become important in the age of online tutorials.

Cheers !

Thank you @Perken,

Believe it or not but it’s been implemented in the past but I had to remove from the GUI for clarity reasons.
I’m looking for a way to bring it back in the feature, since that’s the second time I’m hearing this request.

Awesome, I’ll be on the lookout !

@Perken the latest revision 1.6.0-5 adds a speed slider under the video settings / Advanced (in the lower right corner).

You can get the updated version here:

Ohh ! Halleluia ! Merci beaucoup mon ami ! Is there a place where I can make a little donation ?

Side note after testing this version:
-youtube loading times are awfully slow if I skip ahead/a lot of youtube vids just won’t load, even at lower resolutions
-soundcloud searches and bittorrent searches are not returning anything.
-vimeo and dailymotion are working great

Thank you for your support, I’m actually doing consulting in the IT field so I don’t have anything setup for donation right now. But I do appreciate the intention.

Thank you, I’ll look into this, SoundCloud seems broken since a few days (I’ll look into this), Youtube should be a bit slow, but not awfully slow, is that the case for each video ?

And bittorrent searches should return something, unless you have a proxy that blocks torrent requests. You could try switching to “torrent” or “magnet” categories". Also have you got anything when you switch to the “Browse” tab, it uses DuckDuckGo too.