(HMN) What is MotionBox?

This post was originally posted on the Handmade network.

MotionBox is now on the Handmade network, that’s really cool and all… But what is MotionBox exactly ?

That’s a tough question to answer. Mostly because MotionBox is a true innovation: something unique and new.

It’s not like “Google video” nor a “Youtube” desktop application.
In fact I cannot define it with a comparison to what already exists.

It’s a Video Browser, a software designed to access and traverse videos on the Internet.
Sounds abstract ? Let me give you analogy: It’s a browser that accesses videos directly instead of webpages.

More importantly it’s Free Software designed to serve your best interest as a user.
It’s not going to spy on you, it’s not going to force advertising or a preroll of any kind.
It lets you play video resources directly instead of “being played” through some obscure JavaScript API.

Sounds too good to be true ? Just check the code: http://omega.gg/sources.

Get your own build right here: http://omega.gg/MotionBox/get.

Let me share 3 videos that shows the software at its current state. Maybe it will get a tad clearer that way :-)…




Any thoughts ? Questions ?

Go ahead and post it down here !