(HMN) MotionBox 1.2.0 has been released!

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Greetings HMN,

I’m happy to announce that MotionBox 1.2.0 has been released !

Here is a short list of what it brings to the table:

1. Complete audio support

MotionBox now supports local and remote audio files.

I’ve added an output section in the player settings (bottom right corner).
It lets you decide between streaming the audio or the full video.
This improves the performance and the bandwitdh when you only care about the audio.

And since it’s a Video Browser you can switch between audio and video seamlessly.

2. SoundCloud backend

To demonstrate the audio support I added the SoundCloud audio backend.
It lets you access and play your SoundCloud tracks.
It also supports people and playlists.

3. Playback speed

In the player settings MotionBox adds a slider to control the playback speed.
It can be useful if you want to listen to a long presentation at 1.5x speed.

4. Native window

On Windows MotionBox now supports a 100% native window.
That makes it compliant with “snapping” and specific shortcuts.

5. Linux support

MotionBox now supports Linux (32 and 64 bit).
The archive I’m providing has been built on Ubuntu 16.10.
Feel free to build it on your own favorite distribution.

I would like to thank miotatsu for his help on that part.

As usual I’ve fixed a bunch of bugs and improved the application with a focus on simplicity.
Check the changelog: http://omega.gg/MotionBox/changes/1.2.0.html.

MotionBox is a distributist software.
It’s a Free Software dedicated to sharing.

Get MotionBox: http://omega.gg/MotionBox/get

Support MotionBox: http://omega.gg/MotionBox/support