Feature request: forwards/backwards time skip

Hi, on mobile I find moving around in a video using the the progess bar difficult and imprecise, especially with longer videos.

Most video players also allow the user to skip forward or back in a video by a defined number of seconds (eg 10 or 30 seconds) with a single button. Please could you add this useful feature to MotionMonkey?

My suggestion is to add a forwards backwards buttons/areas to the screen overlay if the user taps the screen while a video is playing or paused.

Thank you for making motion monkey I find it a very useful app.

When showing the player controls you should be able to double tap on the side of the screen to skip 10 seconds. There’s hidden buttons there, I’m not entirely sure how to make these more user friendly at this point, opened to suggestions.

Ah so you can, I had completely missed that. My suggestion, for every platform, would be to copy/use whatever is the platform default. Users expect that and any movement away from what they’ve learnt from the native video player is just going to lead to confusion.

For example on iOS the skip forwards/back buttons are overlaid when the user brings up the controls by tapping the screen:

If copying the native player isn’t possible/feasible, then I’d suggest sticking as closely as possible to the VLC playback UI, as I expect most users will be familiar with that. I’d tried swiping to skip before I gave up and posted here.