Feature request for ability to comment on YouTube videos

Hello, first of all this MotionBox player is the best!! I use it on Ubuntu 16.04 and I just have to say it is an amazing program!! Been looking for something like this for years. Great job and well done!!

I was just wondering if there is a way to comment on YouTube videos like you would do when watching or listening on a web browser?? It’s nice to comment on videos that you are watching or listening to, to support a channel and such.

Also, is there a way to put the feeds in alphabetical order somehow by editing a file somewhere?? It would make the feeds a bit more user friendly IMO, or am I missing something?

I listen to the audio stream of videos mainly to save bandwidth, another great feature of this player. This player is just awesome!!! Again, well done and you have obviously spent a great amount of time refining this program! Thanks a bunch, great stuff!! Really well done and I can’t praise this program enough!!!


Thank you @Singtoh, I appreciate feedback from a Linux user !

Commenting is not something I plan on doing right now, it’s a choice by design. For now you’ll have to open your web browser.

The “Feeds” is the history of everything you played: tracks and channels. You can add them in the “Library” tab, you can order the way you want (via drag and drop or contextual add).

You are right, MotionBox was quite a long iterative process that started a few years ago.