Crossfade Videos in 2020

Hello ,

Let me start by saying : " THANK YOU!!" . Your software works , it has multiple sources to connect in order to retrieve videos , runs great .

I would like to to suggest some functionality that many would like … a crossfader between videos and a time to be set ( seconds ), a mixer … in some way … you know … It’s been so many years .( passed!). we are in the future whatsover … youtube doesn’t want to implement it … I guess it would be not a very big deal for them but …

Always on top , a “pop-out” Video ?!

Would you consider??!

Thank you ,

Good Luck with your projects ,


Greetings @stefan, thanks for your support.

I had a “stay on top” option before (if that’s what you mean), but that felt a bit cluttering and I removed it to simplify the interface. I might bring it back as an advanced option.

Video crossfading is entirely feasible but it requires 2 video player at the same time which can bring a slight memory cost. That would be a neat feature but right now I don’t feel it’s worth the time needed to implement that.