Can't run on Fedora 27

Hi! Terminal says that libjpeg is missing. But i have libjpeg-turbo installed on my Fedora. On other distros motionbox works great. Any suggestions?

Hi! I’m running the program under Lubuntu 16.04.4. I currently have 3 libjpeg related package installed: libjpeg-turbo8 (version: 1.4.2), libjpeg62 (version: 6b2-2) and libjpeg8 (version: 8c-2ubuntu8). The last one is only a dependency package for libjpeg8-turbo. I also have the -dev variant of the 3 packages and the i386 version of the libjpeg8 and libjpeg8-turbo installed.
Maybe you need one or more Fedora-equivalent of these packages.

Thanks for answering!
As you can see, official repo have only libjpeg-turbo Fedora Repository. RPM Fusion also doesn’t have anything related to libjpeg. Tried yesterday Fedora Beta 28, and it also have the same problem. I think that Fedora is not a good choice to use motionbox for now :smile:

I think you can download the needed file from the internet and use the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point the location of the file for the MotionBox executable. :slight_smile:

@pavlyuch, could you try the latest Linux archive and run the application with ?