Can't run MotionBox on Mac High Sierra

Hi. I am trying to run the program on my 2010 MacBook Pro, but every time I try to start it up, it either closes on me, or show this error message:

Greetings @sven86 and thank you for reporting this,

That doesn’t surprise me much I’ve been building and testing on a more recent macOS, even though I’m not entirely sure what version Azure pipeline is currently using with the flag “macOS-latest”. Have you got a more recent mac with “El Capitan” to test ?

High Sierra is more recent than El Capitan, but I do have a late 2008 Macbook with EC installed and it works fine.

Oh my bad I thought High Sierra was coming prior to El Capitan !

So, this might be related to the fact I’m not supporting High Sierra properly with the current MotionBox build. I’ll look into this.

Glad you got it working on El Capitan though.

Update: just checked, I’m actually building on Catalina. So it should be the latest macOS version.

Is there anything else you need from me to get this to work.

We’ve tested the latest build on the Big Sur beta and it seems to work too.

On your setup it seems libtorrent.dylib is missing this symbol: ____chkstk_darwin.

You could add this as an issue on the GitHub repository if anyone wants to look into this: