Can I to Download Windows 32 bit Version?

On the site only Win64.

Yes, as of now MotionBox is only available in 64 bit. This is related to the fact that Qt only ships win64 mingw libraries.

An option would be to build MotionBox yourself, but I realize that might be a bit tricky.

Can I to Download last Windows 32 bit 1.4 Version? Why you dont have past versions of program? If youre have it can i get the link?

Currently, I don’t keep previous versions on the server. That’s something I would like to do in the future.

Also I’m curious, which Windows version / hardware are you using ?

Update: Qt 5.12.2 comes with mingw 32 and 64 bit. So I’ll be looking into deploying the 32 bit version again.

@Favorite, as of now you should be able to get MotionBox for Windows 32 bit here:

Have a good day.