After updating, MotionBox won't start

Today (9/4) A prompt appeared in the corner of the application. Upon finishing the application won’t start. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, restarted and shut down my pc and nothing has worked. I even tried reinstalling VLC and installing MotionBox without it.

Please make a previous version of MotionBox available so I can resume my work. As the program literally just won’t start, I can’t give a very detailed report.

Edit: there might be something useful in the windows crash files which I can dig up if you think they will be of use.

Yes @SIMPalaxy, I’m aware of the issue and currently working on a fix.
It should up really soon, I’ll keep you posted.

@SIMPalaxy MotionBox 1.4.0-6 should fix the issue.

You might have to reinstall the application (that will not remove your playlists).

@Bunjee Thanks a ton! Your software has been life-changing. I cannot thank your efforts enough.