Adding VBML alongside HTML in Sky kit

I’m working on adding VBML alongside HTML on the semantic players. It’s been a journey of 10+ years, building a next generation player which gave birth to VBML out of the acquired experience. Now I’m adding support for this language back into the code.

I know it probably feels abstract for anyone reading this, but I find it poetic that hard work and engineering would lead to a new language. As if numerical figures could give birth to words. Opening entire new possibilities for everyone.

Now I’m going full circle, implementing it back into the very fabric that made it possible (and already uses it extensively for backend(s)). Soon, anyone will be able to write meta video tracks in VBML, playlists and channels out of a few line of this YAML inspired language.

And the best part is how we will navigate through this meta video language, which I have yet to unveil on the upcoming Monkey :).

more on VBML here:

disclaimer: I still have work to document and formulate this properly.