1.4.0 bugs: can't change item order properly; no sound for some videos


The latest MotionBox is amaizing, but it has two annoying bug:

  1. If someone try to change the video/playing list/folder order with drag-and-drop, the selected item is always trying to move into the 3rd position of the list (if you move it below the 3rd item). As you can see in the image, the selected “MinuteEarth” folder is trying to move after the “Applied Science”, which is the 2nd item on the list.
  2. Sometimes I run into videos where MotionBox don’t play the audio. When I next time found one, I will post its link here.

Another thing, I’m thinking about to put MotionBox into the Arch User Repository. :slight_smile:

  1. Thank you for reporting this, that might be an issue on the Linux plateform.
  2. Yeah I’ve seen the case before, the next update might fix this.

Thanks for your feedback.